About Downtown Norfolk Council

Founded in 1979, the Downtown Norfolk Council is an award-winning organization comprised of more than 300 businesses and individual members dedicated to promoting and enhancing business, cultural, retail and residential initiatives in Downtown Norfolk. The DNC also manages the Downtown Improvement District, a 48-block district ordained by Norfolk City Council in February 1999. 

Mission Statement

The Downtown Norfolk Council is the unifying voice of its members and stakeholders, and the primary catalyst for advancing the collective vision for the future of Downtown. We are committed to being a leader, an advocate and a resource for Downtown’s continuing development as an attractive, dynamic and economically vital place.

Descriptive History

The Downtown Norfolk Development Corporation, t/a Downtown Norfolk Council, was created in 1979 to bring together the interest of Downtown's private sector community with the interests of the city administration and elected leaders. A 501c-6 organization, the charter was amended in 1984 to allow the organization to have members. Since that time, membership in the organization has tripled and participation has broadened to include virtually every facet of Downtown life - from those in the corporate and business world to those who live Downtown.

Over the years, the DNC has made an impact on Downtown through significant programs including the creation of the Downtown Norfolk Historic District and the annual award-winning Holidays in the City program. The Downtown Norfolk Council often works behind the scenes through creative problem-solving and through the facilitation of discussions with Downtown's diverse interest groups.

In 1999, the Downtown Norfolk Council contracted with the City of Norfolk to manage the newly formed Downtown Improvement District. DNC led the effort that resulted in the Downtown Improvement District and as a result, additional resources were brought to bear on the marketing of Downtown, the cleanliness of Downtown and the improvement of perceptions as they pertain to the safety and friendliness of Downtown.

Through a disciplined annual planning and implementation process, the DNC identifies and addresses the needs of Downtown and works diligently to serve effectively as a liaison between private business and city government.

Visit DowntownNorfolk.org for more information.