Plenty of convenient, safe parking can be found throughout Downtown Norfolk and Olde Towne Portsmouth during the holidays.

The City of Norfolk's Parking Division operates and maintains more than 19,000 public parking spaces located in 14 garages and 14 lots, plus approximately 640 on-street spaces. Safe, convenient and affordable parking is provided to all. For available parking locations, click here. Our interactive snap map can be found here, with Parking Garages as a selectable option. Information on parking in Portsmouth can be located here

The rate structure for parking in Downtown is based on "value parking" in a tiered structure, where rates are established based on demand. Rates for each location are as posted. Meters are priced in 15-minute increments and have a 2-hour limit, with the exception of the meters in front of the Waterside Marketplace, which have a 15-minute limit. Most garage and surface parking lots allow short-term and long-term parking. On-street metered spaces are free daily after 6pm, all day Sunday and have two hour enforced parking on Saturdays from 9am-6pm.

For additional information on parking rates by facility, click here

Parade Weekend Parking

Downtown City Parking Garages
(COE = Collect on Entry)

  • Friday Nov. 17: 12pm – 7pm $2 COE (Cash) West Plume Street, Town Point and Boush Street Garages. All other garages are normal operations (Hourly Rate)
  • Saturday Nov. 18: Most City Garages: 5am – 5pm $2 COE (Cash); 5pm – Close $5 COE (Cash). Click here for a list of all garage locations.
    • Exceptions: The Main Street Garage is COE (Cash or Credit), The garage at The Main Hotel will NOT be COE. Regular hourly rates, pay on exit. The Waterside Garage is COE $2 from 5am – 5pm, $5 from 5pm-6pm, and $7 after 6pm (Cash or Credit).
  •  Sunday Nov. 19:   5am – 3pm $5 COE (Cash);  3pm – Close Normal Operations (Hourly Rate)

MacArthur Center Garages

  • Friday:  Normal Operations – Pay at exit (6am – Close). $1 for 3 hours until 6pm - $2 each additional hour before 6pm – after 6pm flat $2 charge - $10 max
  • Saturday: 5am – 5pm $2 COE (Cash only); 5pm – Close $5 COE (Cash only)
  •  Sunday:  Normal Operations – Pay at exit (5am – Close);  $1 until 6pm - $2 after 6pm - $3 max

Private Garage - Dominion Tower

  • Saturday: 3pm - 6pm $5 COE (cash or credit); Hourly rates apply during all other hours
  • Sunday:  Normal Operations (Hourly Rate)